Wednesday, February 08, 2006

TRINUG Meeting

Kate Gregory spoke at the TRINUG ( meeting tonight.  Her topic was Click-Once meets the real world.  She talked about the capabilities of Click-Once using just the Visual Studio IDE, and how to get a little more juice out of the new deployment technology by writing just a little code.  It’s very cool and worth investigating if you are interested in smart client applications.

Next month at the TRINUG meeting will be The Hitchhikers Guide To Unintentionally Creating Mission Critical .Net Web-Services Applications ... And Some Intentional Solutions by Mark Sundt.  If you live in the Triangle of North Carolina and don’t attend the TRINUG meetings, you are missing out on some very informative speakers.  I’d encourage you to find out more at the website.


At 9:56 PM, Blogger shh said...

Trinug Rocks! If you're not coming, then get your rump in gear. Its free and you always walk away with something new. Thanks to the guys who keep it going!


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